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Oct. 29th, 2008 09:47 am
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The rain was a heavy mist, faded blue and grey forest a fog about him.

What is your light?

He stood outside himself, watching himself sitting slumped against the stone ruins, eyes glassy and blank and staring, mouth slack and limbs heavy. The rain beaded on his skin, but he couldn’t feel it.

What is your light, Sentinel?

He looked about for the source of the words, the impression of words, not actual words spoken but he could hear them in his soul. His body didn’t react, and it reminded him chillingly of broken puppets and dead bodies and-


What stop your soul from darkening? What is your light?

It was almost like he didn’t feel anything at all. He saw his body but it meant nothing. He felt no water, no heartbeat. He tasted no water and smelt no forest. It was just a disconnection, hyper awareness of every little detail but so distant and drifting.

He heard a rasp.

What do you come back for?

A cough broke through. He felt it, rattling his chest, though it was his body that coughed as he watched. He felt his breath rasping in his chest. It ached. The rain was muggy, smothering and he was drowning in the air, just like-


He woke up with a start.

He could hear the steady beat of his guide’s heart, then another soft cough and moan as his breathing rattled wetly.

Silent, he slid from his bed, peering over the edge to check that he was safe, and well.

What is your light?


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